Hiring Season Is Still Here!

Written by Carolina Puerta-Estevez

Hi, I am the founder of HR-BIS. One foot in both countries, my career began in the USA with parents that are natives of Spain. Being raised as a child in the Ferris State University community and my combined international experience, helped me see the demand and need for Human Resources-Bilingual International Services (HR-BIS).

February 20, 2023

Hiring Season Is Still Here! www.hrbisllc.com We Can Help!

Looking to get hired? Are you fresh out of college and searching for your first job or already working and want to make a change?

Here are some tips on the best times to apply and hiring for you:

The sooner you start looking the closer you are to your next job. It’s proven that hiring processes are just that, a process. Always have your resume up to date and a good cover letter on hand to apply asap. As soon as you see a position make sure you apply even if it’s optional for a cover letter; you should attach it.  Next, you’ll need the interview. Once you apply you are now a candidate for the role so keep track of what company, when and how you applied for follow-up and sequential management.

The beginning of the year is a great time to look for a new position. We call this the beginning of “Hiring Season”. Budgets have been approved and companies are geared for business growth.  From the new year and into early February teams are projecting their annual goals dividing them out by quarters. Everything gets rolled-out in the first quarter and programmed for the remaining year. Openings are created based on new growth and to replace turnover. To get noticed, keep your online presence refreshed with an up-to-date resume, consistent message, current career and contact information.

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